About Us


The CEO of Sara Voyage travel agency was always passionate about traveling and exploring new places. She was always scrolling down the websites of different hotels and was reading about various countries and cities. She was very interested in tourism and hospitality. Thus, after some time her passion became a business idea and Sara Voyage travel agency was inaugurated on October 17, 2014. The agency is located in Yerevan, Armenia and is planning to open branches in Armavir, Kapan and Abovyan.

Since its creation, the travel agency recognizes the wants and needs of its customers and does everything for them to have comfortable, safe, high quality and unforgettable travel experience. The agency treats its customers like a family and uses customized approach for each traveler.

Mission Statement

The mission of Sara Voyage travel agency is bringing happiness and memorable experiences to the customers, and making their dreams come true.

Vision Statement

The agency’s vision is to give an opportunity to every person regardless of age, gender, social status, etc. to travel.

Sara Voyage travel agency provides variety of services, such as tours to Armenia, tours to other countries and cruises, and social packages. In addition, there are services such as insurance, questionnaire filling, translations, visa processing and airline ticketing and  many another.

The 3 key advantages of the services, emphasized by the customers are.

Service Speed

Service Quality

Trustworthiness of the agency

Why Choose Us?


While using the services of Sara Voyage our customers are both financially and physically secure.


Huge percentage of our customers come from our other customers. Sara Voyage travel agency knows the value of CRM and always thinks further by providing a service that will make customers come back and be eager to travel with us again. Our customers are our family!


Sara Voyage travel agency cares about its customers. This is why, after the sales incur the employees are still available 24/7 for any issues the customers may have. Even if there are no issues, the agency always keeps contact with the customers until the end of the whole journey.


Our employees are experts in the tourism. Not only they have lots of knowledge, but they are also very passionate about the work they are doing. The satisfaction of a customer is the greatest payback and pleasure for our employees.


We understand that for having a journey of a lifetime our customers not only have to pay money, but also have to spend lots of time in order to find that perfect destination or travel package. Thus, one of the goals of our travel agency is to do everything as fast as we can and as cheap as we can, while keeping the quality of our services high.


Sara Voyage travel agency understands the needs and wants of every customer. Thus, our agency always uses the personalized approach in order to bring out the details that the customers want and to create customized travel packages.